New little piggy

20 Apr

So buying a piglet from another breeder has already been a great learning experience. It makes me want to work even harder at what I already do.

Sweet girl has not had her needle teeth clipped. That should always be done before the babies get too old. She does NOT want to be held and some don’t, but if they are handled a lot when they are young it’s much better.

I just want to hold her and she’s screaming her head off. She’s back in her cozy bed.

I’m anxious and excited to hold piglets tomorrow so their new families can love their baby when they get it home.

My husband surprised me with 2 turkey chicks tonight. It will be our first time raising them. I’m super excited. I have heard from other families that turkeys are very social, friendly birds. One thing I know is that they are louder than baby chicks, but I love it!

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