Ram vs Kim

15 May

We have recently added a trio of Southdown Babydoll Sheep to our farm family. Most people I chat with have never heard of them. They are so adorable. They really don’t even look real. They look like stuffed animals.

A group of visitors came by anxious to see what kind of crazy new animal I had acquired. I proudly took them to the stall, opened the door and squatted down to great the little sheep. As the group let out an Awww! The ram looked me dead in the eyes. He slowly walked toward me and lowered his head, as to say either you move or I will move you. Next thing you know I’m on my butt. The visitors are scrambling for the open barn doors and the rams on the run!!!

Too much fun!!! He was gently tackled and wrestled back to his stall. Ram 1, Kim 0.


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