Happy 4th!

6 Jul

July 4 th started with the discovery that the Nigerian Dwarf momma and her two babies had miraculously busted out if their stall. The babies are so tiny and the size of the stable they were wandering in just amplified that. I’m so glad they were safe and sound.

The stable was very quiet and I enjoyed the lack of visitors because of the holiday. Lost of work and cleaning got done. The theme of the day was definitely set as I discovered a Flemish Giant loose in the rabbit area. He was easily contained, but boy do they poop a lot and every where when loose.

My husband came by to help clean stalls and Coco the pregnant micro pig made a break for it. She strolled the stable enjoying all the new smells as I watched panicked. She’s the least friend/manageable animal on the entire farm. Thankfully, she followed a bucket of grain back to her room.

As we wrapped up the days efforts and loaded into the car to go have a family dinner I looked back at the barn to see all the petting zoo animals running through the field!

The Fainting goats, Nigerian Dwarf boys, the mini horse and 2 chickens marched in a little parade for us!!


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