Tiny Teacup Pigs?

5 Oct

I get so many phone calls and emails regarding pigs. Unfortunately, the majority of the callers are in search of the 10-20 pound adult pig.

I can hear the disappointment when I explain that the pigs can average a minimum of 40-50 pounds by 5 years old. I wish I could mislead and offer a darling piglet that would not grow and bigger than 10 pounds, but that’s just not realistic or possible in the real world.

Pigs are incredibly compact animals. They carry their weigh differently than a dog. Their bone and muscle mass increasing in density as they age, adding weight without increasing size.

A 40 pound adult pig is quite small. If you were to look at a 40 pound pig your eyes would suggest to you that it only weighs 20 pounds. They are just that dense.

Small or large, and they so come in a variety of sizes, I love them all. I do understand that many people have limited space. A smaller pet pig is much more manageable. A pig is a pig and without a healthy diet they can gain, gain, and gain weight just like we do!

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