Meishan pig pick up

20 Jan

Well it’s been an eventful day away from the farm. We delivered a beautiful baby piglet to a family that lost their pig in a barn fire. Such a sad story and they were so devastated. I’m happy to put some joy into their lives.

Next up was a trip to the middle of no where to pick up a rare breed pig called a Meishan. The breed is a mini pig that was originally imported from China as a meat pig because of their ability to have large litters. When the meat turned out fatty they stopped breeding them for meat and euthanized the imported pigs leaving only a handful in the US.

They are a gentle, social breed. Unique, long, floppy ears. Lean build and extremely wrinkled faces.

We are so excited to bring a girl to our stable and educate about this rare breed and their potentials as a larger pet pig.

The visit reminded me of how blessed we are to have such a nice farm for our animals and so much help from the community to maintain clean stalls, good hay, strong fences.



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