Our first Southdown Babydoll lamb was born!

31 Jan

Our first lamb arrived 3 days ago. I had been checking on the mother ewe for days on end. Our Nigerian Dwarf goat was having a huge fit so I jogged back to check on her and nothing. Checked the sheep stall and there he is. He had just hit the ground.

It’s so awesome to watch a mother animal so tenderly clean her baby. Pigs are not that attentive. She was so gentle cleaning a nudging the lamb to rise to his feet.

I’m just totally in love! He’s healthy and warm. Nursing well. Sweatered up today so he’s extra cozy. I researched before I got these adorable little sheep, but I didn’t remember that they were born with longer tails that need to be docked, or shortened. I’m sick about that and dreading the day. It seems so cruel.

As I read more on that topic today I’m feeling better about it. It’s necessary to keep the back end of the sheep clean. With a long tail feces can get caught in their thick wool. In the summer that causes maggots and they can do serious damage or cause death to the sheep. I’m a devoted mother to my animals, but I’m realistic in thinking I can wipe his little bottom forever.

Hoping to know his name soon!



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