Milking goats for the first time

1 May

We had some beautiful Myotonic Fainting goats born here. They recently went to their new home at Funny Farm Photography.

This gave me the opportunity to milk our fainting goats for the first time. Honestly, I didn’t think I could being that the fainters are not really considered a milk goat. Silly inexperienced me thought it must mean they shouldn’t be milked, but thought if would be good practice for when our Nigerian Dwarf come into milk.

Well success!! Both my sweet goats stood still on the milking stand, allowing me to awkwardly figure our the best grip, method to get that milk squirting. It was such a feeling of accomplishment.

I had to use a short stainless steel pot as the cute little milk bucket I had purchased a year ago was too tall and the mouth was to small to catch the milk with my horrible aim.

The first day they gave me about 2 1/2 cups total. I still felt so happy that I was able to find a motion that wouldn’t hurt my nerve damaged hands and didn’t cause pain to the girls.

I read that I need to filter the milk and get it cold fast. I used a couple of strainers purchased at Walmart and coffee filters. I strained and filtered 3-4 times and funneled the milk into a glass bottle to put straight into a very cold fridge.

The next morning I couldn’t wait to get out to those goats. I was better and more confident. They gave me even more milk this time.

We are on day 4 and they produced the most milk today. I have 2 ice cube trays filled and frozen for any emergency bottle feeding that may come up with our little pigs. I have a frozen bag of a quart for our first batch of goat’s milk and coconut oil soap and we are well on our way to the gallon we need for goat cheese!

Tonight I discovered that goats milk can also be used for candle making. My 5 year old is ecstatic. He loves great smelling candles. The idea of creating his own with our old candle left overs and crayons made him shout “let’s get to milking those goats!!” Bahaha!!

I have such a feeling of joy when I think of all the happiness my animals bring me. To be able to use the gifts that they give just plumbs my heart up even more.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. I do as often as possible. 6 years ago I would have never dreamed I would have this zoo of an animal family. I would have gagged at the thought of milking a goat. How gross!!

Now it’s one of my new meditation moments. Just me and the goats and the projects/learning experiences that their milk will bring.

P.S. Making soap appears to be far more scientific than I thought. I have reds recipe after recipe and I’m sure our first batch will be a disaster, but I’m doing it!! I’ll post pics and any pointers this math challenges individual discovers in the process.




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