We raise a variety of sizes and breeds of mini pigs. We have a wonderful farm that is home to an educational/therapy program that involves several community children and their families and an amazing variety of animals. It is a constant adventure.

We purchased our first pig shortly after the death of my grand-father. We knew that we would be taking care of the farm and my grand-mother and thought it would be fun to add some new animals. I had wanted a pig since my first time watching Charlotte’s Web. I honestly thought having a mini pig would be like having any other farm animal and boy was I wrong. After spending just a few weeks with our piglet we knew how quickly he was a member of our family. Such a deep connection and bond was formed in just days. Unfortunately, the experience did not end well. Our first piglet was very ill and we had to put him to rest. Lesson learned? Do research, find a good breeder, do research!!

We have learned so much in our new farm life. We love all our animals so much and enjoy the hard work that is involved in keeping them loved, feed, and safe. It is a constant educational experience that I hope to share.

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